Sexy Friends Chat.

If you are sexy and you know it.
Welcome sexy friends – ready to chat?

Enter the VIP chat

This is an official welcome to all of my sexy friends – current, old friends, and new, yet to be acquainted sexy people from around the world.

This place has been re-launched with a slightly new feel, a few new things here and there, and of course, the secret VIP area is back online now as well. This is a site for all the sexy people – so if you are not sexy, then I suggest you click over here and go to one of the average chat sites on the internet and hang out there.

Now, for the sexy people. Those of you that have already been in the old private VIP area, you will still have access, you just need to update your passwords – we have changed all of them. For those of you that have gotten an invite from one of the other members, you will need to email the admins with your name and invite code – and we will create a new password for you, and give you the keys to access the private VIP.

For anyone new here, that was not sent here by an invite, realize that you have to prove you are sexy in order to get into the private VIP chat rooms area. We have several ways you can prove you are sexy – I will post them over here for new people who are considering trying to get into this exclusive sexy friends chat club.

If you are not quite sure, or just want to look around, we are opening a new membership not required area for people to chat free over here. We will also be adding a few other new things soon, but I am keeping that a secret until I have permission to share…

We are only open to hot people.

If most strangers would rate you an 8 or above, get at us.

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